“The Nentir Vale, that’s where it all started…and that is where this must end. The group know as ‘Collateral Damage’ has caused havoc throughout the Nentir Vale, and will be brought to justice for their crimes against the goodly folk. I make this my solemn vow, as your governor.”

-Melleech Ambrose, Governor of Fallcrest

The Histories of Nerath is a D & D 4th edition campaign set in the points-of-light home setting for 4th edition. Where a corrupt tiefling has slowly been consolidating power through his company, The Nentir Vale Trading Company.

Many heroes have been called into membership with the rouge outlaws known as “Collateral Damage”. An apt moniker earned for their tendency to destroy anything around them.

What drives these scoundrels? Gold? Infamy? Jewels? Or are they simply content to let the realm burn around them, so long as they light the flames?

The Histories of Nerath